Strengthen Your Business With Amazing Video and Photo

A picture can speak a thousand words. A video, a few thousands more.

Video is the most powerful tool that helps in developing more accurately envision & outline the exact nature of various features and most helpful in easily understanding the difficult complex communications in a simple infographic. Video is a great way for more enhancing your brand and engaging more audiences. Our main aim is to target and putting all you want and needs at the top while the beginning of allocated wire-frames of video production. We provide a full of an animated logo that represents the sign of modernity that can more attract the online customers and viewers and attract more audience in a very short time and ultimately we gave you a way that overtaking your business fast by providing reliable and smooth video production services. We want you to think and ponder over it fully because we want to serve you our best authentic service that you have never ever get it before. We are a trusted marketing company and have a skillful talented team that aims is to seriously move your business to the next level.

Attract More Audience Through
Corporate Video Service

Our highly corporate video service helps in more enhancing your brand. In your corporate video, we must ensure that it attracts more audience and helps in communicating your brand value positioning very clearly because it’s developing very interesting and in an attractive way and always follow a client-centric approach in all of our services.

More Enhancing Your Brand With
Digital Video Commercial Services

We are passionate about telling the success story of your brand because every modern brand has a high success story to tell. From startup to enterprise, in the digital video commercial, we get interact with your business requirements and then we develop an engaging and attractive video for the clients.

Improve Reputation of Brand
By Documentary Video Services

From the storyboard to the final meeting schedule, we do all the work with all of our heart and develop that video that bridges the gap between you and your customers. We provide a full-spectrum documentary video that reflects the ideal of your business and improves your brand reputation, also get linkage with your goals, objectives, values, and purpose of the video.

Expand Branding Value With
Service of Explainer Video

Being an expertise explainer video production service provider we make the trust between your clients and very clearly deliver your message through our high service of an explainer video. We increased the value of your brand by doing the stop motion video and gave the touch of competitive creative freedom.

Conveying Stories, Moments and Emotions of your Brand

Introduce your business through professional photography.

Telemate understands that capturing special moments is not a child’s play. A treasured memory, a new venture or a sales promotion represents a big picture that voices the future. To achieve this, we go beyond impossible to make your story a success and worth cherishing with our best photography services together with our best photographers. We have a team of experts who help you capture everything be it images for a new flyer, stills for digital marketing campaigns or even a small fundraising event at pretty affordable prices.

Why choose Telemate's Photography

  • Step Ahead :
    You asked for it. We did it, and do it beyond
  • Think Time :
    Let’s talk time, you will have accurate delivery.
  • Simply Reliable :
    Keeping it at your convenience safely, yes yours!
  • Cost Transparent :
    Hiding is not a word, it’s an emotion and we don’t do that!
  • Robust Technology :
    Meet our bespoke tech-mech, friendly, professional and fast.

Our Working Process

We do it like every other photographer, But Better!


We capture and develop your photography objectives and requirements gathering necessary resources, equipment in place.


We go on an expedition with our in-house experts and go the extra mile to choose the perfect location to bring life to your stills.


We explore unimaginable places to create exceptional mood boards and fine-tune them with your business requirements.


We execute the shoot day capturing every nook and cranny of your key element or subject at all possible angles in detail.


We develop, edit our creativity giving it some sparkles through colour correction, grading, cleanups, re-touch and everything else.


We deliver you the best of our skills reflected on your photographs for you to experience what real photography is all about – on time.


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